That Time of Year AGAIN ....

It just feels like yesterday (or at least last week), when we were bringing the yearlings in to prepare for the Sales and here we are about to greet the first foals for 2017.


We took 6 to Melbourne Premier and achieved a top sale of $350,000. Very pleased with that price. Then we took 7 to the VOBIS Gold Sale and had a good sale with all being sold with a top price of $68,000.

Next sale on the calendar was the Great Southern. We had one weanling for the sale and he achieved equal sale top price of $310,000. Pretty chuffed about that.

And guess what?? The entry forms have started to arrive for the 2018 sales. So, if you’re thinking of selling, give us a ring to discuss.

The weanlings are growing and will soon move to the yearling property to make way for the next crop of foals. The foaling boxes and yards are being renovated and prepared, while the paddocks have been sprayed and rested so that the grass is the best for the mums-to-be. What’s more, there are a couple of mums-to-be in the “Waiting Room” already. Hasn’t time flown!


We are eagerly waiting for the first Dandino (GB) foals to arrive. His family continues to produce winners with two sisters winning over the middle and staying distances, while a nephew blitzes the opposition over 1200m. Versatile with a great turn of foot.

The first crop of Warhorse (NZ) are impressing their owners. They have great bone, are a good size and appear precocious enough to be ready to race as 2 year olds. There will be a few at the sales in the new year, something we’re looking forward to. Many clients have been so impressed with the development of the foals, they are booking their mares in again.

The first Jungle Ruler babies are now 2 year olds. We are getting some very positive feedback from breakers and trainers, but only one has appeared at the races so far. We are patiently waiting for them to show everybody what they have got at the track.

Lago Delight is still producing winners. From 9 year olds, to 3 year olds, they win on good and slow, turf, synthetic and dirt, from 950m to 2000m. He produces a hardy, durable and fun horse to race.

If you want to discuss your breeding requirements, we’re available. Just ring the office and we’ll help you out. Breeding season is just around the corner. Bring it on!