The New Boys are Firing

Bombora Downs's latest stallions are firing on all cylinders for an exciting future.

WARHORSE (NZ) - first foals arrive

201610NewsPic1The success of a stallion is determined in the long run by the success of his progeny on the racetrack, however there are a number of key markers along the way. The first being the number and the quality of mares he receives and next being the quality of the foals he produces. Warhorse (NZ) stood his first season at Bombora Downs in 2015 covering 76 mares with a number of good quality mares amongst them; an excellent beginning.

Over the intervening months Warhorse (NZ) has himself let down beautifully, neat and strong he is it seems, perfectly named.

Now his first foals are here and so far, we could not be happier, correct neat and strong like their father, they are perhaps a touch bigger than expected. Right now they are just babies but they will be given every opportunity to grow and learn and in time they too will be race horses. It is their future success that will ultimately determine the success of their father as a stallion.




Warhorse (NZ) has a great colonial pedigree; he was a champion 2yr old; he covered a great book of mares; now his first foals toarrive look impressive. So far all the key markers are positive and we at Bombora Downs are delighted with the way the cards are falling.

DANDINO (GB) Positives: 100% strike rate

201610NewsPic3With just on a month of the stud season behind us, stud masters standing freshman stallions have had the last fortnight to get some sort of assessment of their new horse’s fertility. There is always a little bit of apprehension leading up to the first pregnancy tests and particularly when the horse in question has a good number of early bookings.

And so it has been with a great deal of satisfaction that Bombora Downs new stallion DANDINO (GB) has tested six from six at this point.

“It's hard not to get carried away but he's clearly a very fertile horse and that makes our job that much easier” said Bombora Downs stud principle Christoph Bruechert. “Standing a word class performer like DANDINO (GB) is a privilege but it comes with some pressures as well, thus far DANDINO (GB) is proving to be every bit as professional in his stud duties as he was as a racehorse on the world stage “.