News and Update for March

What has been happening around Bombora Downs.

Weaning continues. The first of the girls have been separated, and the next mob is being handled. Slow and careful all along the way.

Sales Preparation
The yearling sales preps have been stopped as the 2020 Inglis Gold Sale has been moved to July. It is to precede the 2020 Inglis Great Southern Sale which has also been moved to July. Both sales have been moved as a result of the Corona Virus Pandemic.

Both sales will be conducted as live sales and the new sales dates are:
Inglis Gold Sale 12/13 July 2020
Great Southern Sale 14/15 July 2020

The catalogue for the Gold Sale has been finalised, but supplementary entries will be accepted. If you are thinking of selling your yearling given the change of circumstances, contact us and we will be happy to speak to Inglis to see if the horse can make the sale.
Also, if you are thinking of selling your weanling or broodmare, we can enter either in the Great Southern Sale. Inglis will then review the pedigrees and inspect the horses to see if they meet the standard required. If the horse is accepted into the sale, an upfront fee is charged.

For all sales, this will be a difficult year. Reserves will need to be very realistic if you need the horse sold.

Financial Difficulties
The Corona Virus Pandemic has made upheavals in all our lives in varied and different ways. The horses on the property still need to be looked after and fed and this hasn’t changed. If you perceive you will have difficulties meeting your commitments for your horses, please contact us sooner rather than later to see what options are available to help get us all through this difficult time

We prefer not to accommodate visitors at this time. The Government’s policy is that you may leave home only under the following circumstances:
- to shop for food and other necessary goods and services
- to access medical services or provide caregiving
- to attend work or education
- for exercise
Unfortunately visiting your horse does not fall into one of these categories.